Why a standfirst is the most important part of your page?

The power of the standfirst: 4 reasons to focus on your snippets.

Call it a standfirst, intro, H2, summary, blurb, whatever you like. Fact remains, when it comes to digital copywriting, this short paragraph is your best friend. Your headline might be what grabs a reader’s attention, but it’s your standfirst that’s got to deliver. So when you’re writing content for online reading, remember these reasons why these few lines are amazing.


  1. 1.      They get around

In digital copywriting, a standfirst is the hardest working piece of text you’ll write all day. You’ll frequently find them cropping up as the snippet in search results, whether on a search engine or on your own site, they are repurposed as link text for related feature boxes. Wherever they go, they need to entice your readers in.

  1. 2.      They don’t care about format

A good sell is a good sell – no matter what industry you’re from or platform you’re on. A convention we’ve loved since it appeared in print, they’ve travelled seamlessly to digital, whether in ecommerce, content marketing, social and now to mobile and tablet.

  1. 3.      You can use them to frame anything

Want your article to leave people with a particular view or piece of information? Frame it in the standfirst and let them start the piece with that fact in your mind – it’s a great way to write persuasively.

  1. 4.      Readers love them

Using standfirsts makes copy much more usable. You give your reader an informed choice by employing them to this effect. You let people know what they’re going to get by investing their time in reading the whole page – meaning happier users.

So, spending time carefully crafting a standfirst will pay substantial dividends. It takes time and practice to make it transparent, persuasive, engaging and on-brand – and to write for all the jobs it has to perform. It’s not a bad idea to invest in some digital copywriting training to give you an idea of best-practice. Your standfirsts will thank you for it.

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What technology can do for a startup

New statistics from the government-sponsored, StartUpBritain, has revealed that in 2012 a total of 484,224 new businesses opened their doors to begin trading. While some might blanche at the idea of launching a new enterprise in the current financial landscape, entrepreneurs would argue that it is precisely because of the financial downturn that startups are so popular.


There’s no such thing as a permanent job at the moment, wage increases don’t match the rise in the cost of living and there seems less point in sticking at a job you don’t enjoy. So hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs have transformed their passions into business, mainly thanks to the plethora of technological tools that are available. Let’s take a look at the best and what they can do for you:

1)    Your website is an important part of your business. It communicates your philosophy, advertises your service and allows you to direct traffic back to a central hub. Creating a website doesn’t have to be a technological nightmare. Weebly is a simple-to-use, drag and drop engine. And if that wasn’t enough, it’s free!

2)    QuickBooks from Intuit Pay is available as software for your laptop or as an app for your phone. QuickBooks is regularly voted as the best accounting software in the world and is used by over 4,000,000 businesses. It gives you access to a virtual accountant and transforms a manual, time-consuming process into a quick, accurate and automated one.

3)    MyBizTracker. Also from Intuit Pay, this is a free app that records your income and expenses, can take snapshots of your receipts and store them and let you know whether you’re in the red or the black. An invaluable addition to any mobile office.

4)    If you want to stay in touch with your customers, then you will occasionally need to launch email campaigns and even fire out the odd newsletter or two. MailChimp helps you manage large email campaigns and even provides extensive tracking data. In addition, it’s worth knowing that it’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers.

5)    Although staying in touch with your team can be essential to the smooth running of your business, there’s an awful lot of time lost through email-ping-pong and telephone-tag. Asana is a project management program that allows you to stay in touch with your staff at any time and in an organised way, streamlining your efficiency and increasing your productivity.

6)    The legal world can be a daunting one, but most startups find they will need to draw up contracts or legal papers at some point. Getting a lawyer involved can cost far more than you might be able to afford, which is where LegalZoom comes in. This software allows you to draft your own legally-binding documents, without all the associated expense.

The author is a tech reviewer by profession and has written articles on a variety of topics which include: smartphones, tablets, software reviews etc. if you want to find out more on the products reviewed by the blogger you can know more by visit bagittoday.com

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Download Free Angry birds space v1.0.0 Version

Download Angry bird space v1.0.0

Download Angry bird space v1.0.0 wonderful PC game. Angry bird game is renowned and prevailing game with exciting features. In all over the world people relish to play the game not only in mobile phones but also in their pc as well as on iphone and ipad. Eminent of Angry birds is expanding in multiplying manner. Angry birds is on of the most plausible game in 2012.

angry-birds-game-free download

angry-birds-game-free download

All editions of Angry Birds game are superb but here we are presenting cracked version of this excellent game named Angry Birds Space v1.0.0 PC edition. Below are some exciting pictures of angry birds.

How to Download Full Version of Angry Birds-

1. Click here to download angry Birds game.
2. Provide path to save set.exe file in your pc.
3. Game will properly download into your system.
4. Run patch file of angry bird software downloaded into system.
5. Start playing game and enjoy.

Features of angry Birds Game-

  • Wonderful 60 intersidereal levels!!
  • Modern birds and their exciting powers and expressions!
  • Free and automatic updates!
  • scenic and graceful pictures and backgrounds!
  • Hidden bonus levels!
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Page rank update – 4 Feb 2012

Today is page rank updated and it has been confirmed.

you can check your page rank at


Usually page rank update takes place in every 3-4 months. Last page rank was updated on Nov 2012. This is first pr update for 2013. Best way to increase your pr is to do link building on high pr websites, below are list of few websites.

Concentrate more on link building and share your content on social media websites like Pinterest Twitter etc.




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FullonSMS Login : Sign Up to Send Free Messages

FullonSMS Login: Sign Up to Send Unlimited Free Messages | FullonSMS.com

FullonSMS is also in the list of best websites for free message service from mobile to anywhere in the world. FullonSMS is one of the optimum ways of free text messaging that includes English text sms, Hindi Sms. Jokes, wishes etc across the India. It piles up various catchy and glamorous features that mark off it with rest of the services. FullonSMS was launched in 2009, and now it reserved millions of users account and still increasing day by day.



FullonSMS features and Specifications:

1. Send unlimited SMS anywhere in India.

2. SMS charge is free, no cost.

3. Group messaging is available.

4. Excellent SMS deliver without any delay.

5. Maximum character limits 160 characters.

7. Ads free messages.

8. Backup facility is also available.

9. Desktop and mobile applications are available.

FullonSMS Register

Now we are well informed with various excellent features and specifications of FullonSMS, now its time to signup you in service and start using feature of fullness.

1. To send free sms anywhere in India, you have to just register yourself on the website of fullonSMS. Just open http://fullonsms.com/Register.php link in your browser and fill available requirements on form. That includes.

  • You full name
  • Date of birth
  • Email id
  • City
  • Monthly salary
  • Mobile number
  • Fill up Captcha
  • Agree with terms and condition and click on “Create Account”.
FullonSMS Register

FullonSMS Register

2. After completing sign up process, you will be received unique account id and password to proceed your service.

3. You can change the given password and other information in settings of FullonSMS.

4. Finally its time to send unlimited and free sms by logging into FullonSMS. All processes are very convenient and rememberable to all kind of users without any difficulty.

FullonSMS login:





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